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Heather McPhail Sridharan

Heather McPhail Sridharan is a fourth-generation Marinite with a long family history of community and business leadership.  The McPhail family has been in Marin for over 100 years. During this time, they have contributed to the health of the community and been integral to the development of Marin via various concerns such as their building materials, appliance, and propane businesses.  


Heather is a parent of two current Bacich students and two more who will be entering Bacich in Fall 2014. For over 20 years, she held executive positions in both the corporate and public sectors with a primary focus on strategy and business development. Heather graduated from Marin Catholic High School; received a B.A. from U.C. Berkeley; and holds a graduate degree from Oxford University. As of November, 2013, she is an elected Trustee on the Kentfield School Board and is delighted to work with fellow Board members on behalf of all 1200+ Kentfield School District students and our community. Heather is the Founder and Lead of her vibrant Laurel Grove neighborhood Nextdoor website in Kentfield and Ross, and Coordinator of the nationally-recognized Safe Routes to School Program in the Kentfield School District. Heather is honored to be part of the KGHS Board.


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Heather McPhail Sridharan

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