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"In the Heart of Marin"

Tales of the small community of Kentfield, beginning in the 1800s, growing in fits and starts, punctuated with celebrations and setbacks, and stories of suburban Greenbrae, carefully and thoughtfully planned, beginning in the middle of the 20th century, are included in the inaugural stand-alone history of the two communities, “In the Heart of Marin:  The History of Kentfield and Greenbrae” by Marin author and historian Dewey Livingston. Also highlighted is the history of the Kentfield School District.  A reproduction of local artist George Demont Otis’ depiction of Mt. Tamalpais will grace the book’s cover.


In addition to Livingston’s extensive research, Kentfield-Greenbrae Historical Society research committee members, trained by Livingston, have, along with the author himself, conducted interviews with a variety of longtime residents of Kentfield and Greenbrae. (Additional interviews of Kent alumni from over the past 70 years were conducted by Kent Middle School 8th graders.) The resulting oral histories have been incorporated into Livingston’s history of the two communities and add a delightful sense of place to the work. Stories of long-ago childhood adventures in both Kentfield and Greenbrae rub shoulders with the intent and vision of the founders of the two communities.

About the Author:  Historian and author Dewey Livingston has spent over 25 years uncovering the rich history of Marin County and other areas of the American West, then crafting his discoveries into highly readable texts. While Dewey is originally from Southern California, he spent his high school years in Kentfield and many hours hiking the trails of Mt. Tamalpais. A large body of his recent work has focused on the Point Reyes Peninsula and West Marin, including “Nicasio:  The Historic Valley at the Center of Marin.” Dewey currently resides in Inverness, CA.


Order your book today and savor the tales of yesterday: 

The hardcover edition is available at $55. Order you book today!

Due to printing issues, the soft cover edition is no longer available.


Upcoming book talks, featuring In the Heart of Marin author Dewey Livingston or local historian Richard Torney, and other events focusing on the history of Kentfield and Greenbrae can be found in our our website.

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