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Lorelei Evans

Lorelei Evans is a fourth generation Californian.  Her great grandparents, Frederic and Caroline Burk, lived on Palm Avenue in Kentfield at the turn of the century.  Fortunately, her grandfather, Frear Burk, and her great uncles regaled her with stories of growing up in Kentfield in the early 1900s and passed their love of history on to her.  In turn, Lorelei found creative ways to share her passion for history with her second, fourth, fifth, and eighth grade students in the Larkspur Corte Madera Schools.  In 1995, she and her husband moved to Kent Woodlands, and she has since enjoyed memberships in a Woodlands book club, a hiking group, Woodland Sponsors and the KGHS Board.  Lorelei is enthusiastic about working with the Board and the Kentfield Schools to develop Kentfield history curriculum.

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