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Our vision is to understand and appreciate the unique history of Kentfield, Greenbrae and surrounding areas, and honor the individuals, groups and businesses that have made significant contributions to our community.


Having celebrated the 100th anniversary of the opening of Kent School with a very successful community-wide event and having published a well-received history of Kentfield and Greenbrae, the KGHS looks forward to:

1-Maintaining and expanding our relationships with community organizations, educational institutions and local public entities;

2-Continuing our focus on historical presentations, research (including oral histories) and curriculum development relating to the Kentfield and Greenbrae communities;

3-Continuing community observance of the May Day opening of Kent School on an annual basis; and

4-Establishing accessible archives for both digital and physical research and memorabilia generated by or donated to the KGHS.


The Kentfield-Greenbrae Historical Society's mission is to oversee and monitor the fiduciary and financial responsibilities as described in the bylaws of the organization and to establish activities/incentives to ensure ongoing viability.


The Kentfield-Greenbrae Historical Society is a 501(c)3, non-profit corporation led by 15 volunteer Board members.



Board Members

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